Products + Tools

DnA Salon is part of a limited group of professional establishments around the world which retail Bb products and share a vision for a stronger hairdressing culture.

Each Bumble and bumble salon is the best in their region and employs stylists who are impeccably trained, unusually talented and have an unyielding passion and love for their craft. In addition to utilizing Bb. products, DnA staff continues to develop their skills at Bumble and bumble University (Bb.U) in New York City – an institute for higher learning or graduate school for hairdressers. Bb.U Design School advanced training in cutting and styling and decades of experience and devotion, photo shoots, runways, films and television work  help us in work with our guests to introduce new ways of seeing and creating.

So if you thought you always got a fabulous haircut because your stylist is really talented, you’re right. And if you think Bb products are great, you’re right again. We teach you how to look great. We take pride in continually gaining the technical and inspirational training to be the best Stylist you’ll ever have.

We’re dedicated to the craft and culture of hairdressing.

This is a sample of the Bumble and bumble Products we use, retail and recommend for everyday use to maintain your style. Click to order, or pick it up @ DnA Salon during your next visit.


Part polish, part definition.

Bb.Curl sulfate free shampoo

Pampers the entire texture spectrum.

Hairdresser’s invisible oil sulfate free shampoo

For a sublime transformation.


Never sticky.

Bb.Curl custom conditioner

Leave it in, rinse it out, co-wash – it’s conditioner, curated by you.

Hairdresser’s invisible oil conditioner

For a sublime transformation.

Bb. Full Potential

Hair preserving booster spray.

Full potential hair preserving shampoo

It’s your full (styling) potential, realized.

Hairdresser’s invisible oil

Light-as-air, rich on hair.

Bb. Thickening Hairspray

The sky’s the limit.

Full potential hair preserving conditioner

It’s your full (styling) potential, realized.

Hairdresser’s invisible oil heat/UV protective primer

A mist of many wonders.

Professional Tools of the trade we use, retail and recommend for everyday use to maintain your style.

Pick it up @ DnA Salon during your next visit.

The Italian Round Brush Collection features high quality, reinforced boar bristles, which hold the hair tightly in place and allows you to add curl and volume during styling. The perfect choice for a smooth blowout!

The Turbo Power TwinTurbo 2800 Hair Dryer ensures a statement of style and beauty. The nickel chrome heating element and safety thermostat ensures quick drying time without damage. The reduction of all components has created an exceptionally lightweight hair dryer. Made in Italy.

Trusted by the professional stylists for years to create great results! A seamless thermal barrel allows for even heat distribution, while avoiding snagging hair. The bristles are infused with Tourmaline & Ionic properties reducing unwanted static and helps add shine to hair.